Thursday, May 27, 2010

Woot-woot! A Blogger Award!!!

One of my fellow bloggers at Loving Books has awarded me the following award.

The rules of this award are to share seven things about yours truly and to pass this on to 15 more blogs I've recently discovered. On to my seven things!

1. In February I switched from drinking coffee to green tea. The change wasn't difficult, but I'd been drinking coffee for at least fifteen years! I switched to green tea because it is supposed to be healthier for you. Here's crossing my fingers that it is...

2. My book addiction works like this: I pick up at least fifteen books and overwhelm myself with all that I want to read. For example, I'll go to the library and pick out a few, then come home to discover another and start reading that one instead. When I get a book I really enjoy, I usually do nothing else.

3. When I was younger I never ever wanted to be a teacher. Guess what I do for a living? Yup, I'm a teacher. :)

4. One of my favorite movies is Rudy. I get totally suckered in by inspirational stories, hoping that I will take all the persistence and dedication portrayed on screen and shift it into my personal life.

5. I have a goldfish. His name is Biggie. I used to have another one that was small. So I named them Biggie and Smalls. Sadly, Smalls passed away. :(

6. I love when the days get longer. I feel like so much better. Lately all of my reading has been outside.

7. My mother always tells me how wonderful yoga is, so I've tried it. I have done it more sporadically lately, but can totally attest to how practicing regularly makes one feel so much better!

Now, to pass on this award to fifteen other bloggers! Here are the fifteen:

1. bibliophiliac
2. mainewords
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4. Mrs. V's Reviews
5. Bibliolatry
6. Book Crazy
7. Buffy's write zone
8. DeRaps Reads
9. Edited to Within an Inch of my Life
10. Writers' Ally
11. Crazy Cat Lady's Library
12. Daisy Chain Book Reviews
13. Frenetic Reader
14. From the Shadows
15. In the Hammock

Hope you check out those blogs...

Now, back to reading The Chosen by Chaim Potok. Just heard about it and I'm really starting to get into it. Review forthcoming!


  1. thank you for the award! Sadly I can't pick it up and share it because some horrid person has infected my computer and my online time is limited to my breaks at work. grrr! But rest assured, I will come back for it.

  2. Congratulations!! You deserve it!! Thank you so much for passing the award on to me :)

  3. Thank you for the award! :)


  4. Aw...thank you. I'm honored. I'll have to think of my answers. Next week!! Enjoy your long weekend.