Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting to know you...(sounds corny, I know but...)

Well-I have decided to do a bit of stealing today. Don't panic, I actually have permission, and I thought it was a good idea. So, in honor of having reached ten followers, I wanted an opportunity to talk a bit and ask a few questions. Feel free to answer one, all, or none. (But please answer at least one.)

I am up first, so for my Mother's Day I'll answer these questions. And Happy Mother's Day to any mothers out there!

Name: Cheryl Chambers

Siblings: Not a one.

Children: 2 sons...soon to be teenagers which means I will spend literally all of my time with teenagers. It should be interesting.

Favorite food: Today? Pizza, just cause I feel like having some.

Are you a writer: Yes

What do you write: Usually flash fiction and poetry. Recently blogposts and YA

Last book you read: Lady Macbeth

Book you want to read: Dead Until Dark (the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

Favorite author: I have a favorite author couple...F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Where you see yourself a year from now: Teaching. Hopefully having a completed YA manuscript.

What's your life philosophy: Don't ask me. (No, that's not my philosophy...I threw this question in here looking for ideas!)

Copy and paste the form below.




Favorite food:

Are you a writer:

What do you write:

Last book you read:

Book you want to read:

Favorite author:

Where you see yourself a year from now:

What's your life philosophy:


  1. Name: mshatch



    Favorite food: cuban ropa vieja

    Are you a writer: you betcha ;)

    What do you write: fantasy, romance, paranormal YA...

    Last book you read:Incarceron

    Book you want to read:Lost Souls,Blood Meridian, Fire (one can never have enough to read)

    Favorite author: Ursula LeGuin, Zimmer-Bradley, R. Hobb. C.S. Friedman, Atwood, - sorry, I love too many to pick one.

    Where you see yourself a year from now: published.

    What's your life philosophy: try to be nice to everyone and if you can't be nice then at least be civil.

  2. siblings!

    I, too, want to read Blood Meridian.

    And I'll send positive vibes your way for publication!!