Thursday, April 15, 2010


So last night YA Lit Chat had a chat with some YA authors via Twitter. It sounded extremely cool since Lisa McMann, the author of Wake, Fade, and Gone was going to be chatting as well.

Um, except I know nothing about Twitter.

So I sign up and get ready to find the group. No real problems there except when I got the group it was a hurricane...wait, tornado, of massive postings that I don't even think my computer could keep up with! Totally and completely insane. I decided that I'll just have to wait for the transcript and read through that.

They are having another one tonight, and this one has author Holly Black who wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles. I'd love to be there, too, but I think it's the transcript for me. :)

I'm currently reading Cut by Patricia McCormick. I've wanted to read that one for a long time. Only a few pages into it but a review coming this weekend.

Today's word: abjure: 1 a : to renounce upon oath b : to reject solemnly
2 : to abstain from : avoid

Hm. As in: "I abjure twitter."

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