Friday, April 9, 2010

New Moon, but the same tune...

I just finished New Moon a few hours ago. I raced through the book, partly because I'm on a break right now, but also because I wanted to know what happened.

I know. Strange.

But I think a few things about this book should be said. Emphasized. So here are my three points about New Moon.

1. Bella needs to get a life. I know that she has one, but it is dependent on the others around her. Sure, everyone is dependent in some way, particularly young people. But to have your entire existence so wrapped up in another person is...not good.

And the messages are still there. Bella feels this compulsive need to be in danger. Any time she puts herself at risk she hears Edward’s voice, so of course she just has to have more. She’s an addict. And when she does hear Edward, he has this strange parental/pseudo-violent voice. For example, on page 359 Bella hears Edward’s voice again: “‘No, Bella!’ He was angry now, and the anger was so lovely.” So…the anger is “lovely” to Bella? Need I say more on this whole abusive relationship veiled as true love?

I should? Oh, okay.

When Bella does get some time off from Edward, she’s miserable but her grades improve. Awesome! Except she has decided to blow through her college savings. College, to her, is plan B. That’s just great. Nothing like promoting independence through complete lack of planning for the future and an unhealthy obsession with an absentee dude. At least we know where our main character’s priorities are. Take this little glimpse into her thoughts on page 528: “Compared to the fear that he didn’t want me, this hurdle—my soul—seemed almost insignificant.” Oh. My. God. She is afraid he doesn’t want her, and feels her soul is “almost insignificant”?

We’re also presented with another relationship between the character Sam and Emily. Emily has been scarred for life by Sam, but of course the reader needs to understand that this was all part of an unfortunate “turning” period during which Sam had no guidance. Yeah? Well there are plenty of people in the world that have stuff happen with no guidance. It doesn’t constitute an excuse for violence. I understand we’re not dealing with humans, but these arguments have been made by regular ol’ abusers. And people buy into it.

Self-esteem? Anywhere? Bueller?

2. The ending of this book is much better than Twilight, in my opinion. I liked the action it contained, and despite the “vampires glitter in the sun” attribute, I liked more vampire involvement. I won’t say anything else.

3. Again, editing!! I’m in Bella’s sick and codependent head way, way too much. This book, too, could have been trimmed way down. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it’s just a feature of YA books period. Maybe I am being unduly harsh on this book because I need to be more well versed in YA lit.

Maybe. But don’t count on it. ;)

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